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Frequently Asked Questions!
"Is Final Cut Pro X only for Mac computers?"
In short, yes! Since Final Cut Pro X is made by Apple, it runs only on all Apple MacBooks and iMac computers. It doesn’t run on iPads or iPhones, Windows, or Android. 

Download Final Cut Pro X for free while you learn, just click here: https://www.apple.com/final-cut-pro/trial/
"I’m a total beginner to everything editing. Will I be lost?"
Yay! Great news! Editing Recipes™️ was actually created with the beginner editor in mind. You can start with Lesson 1 if you’re totally new to video editing and Final Cut Pro X. If you’ve already been editing on Final Cut Pro X and have some experience, you can skip to some of the later lessons that teach more advanced skills! Editing Recipes was created to meet you exactly where you’re at and grow with you, because that’s the kind of course I needed when I was starting out myself.
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