Learn To Edit Elevated videos for YouTube
a weekend course that cuts out the technical learning curve of editing videos. Go from beginner to expert in bite sized lessons!
Learn To Edit Elevated Videos For YouTube
a weekend course that cuts out the technical learning curve of editing videos. Go from beginner to expert in bite sized lessons!


If you’re ready to learn how to edit videos in a matter of DAYS, instead of months or years, you are in the right place! This is the only editing course you will need.

Editing doesn't need to feel hard, in fact it will feel one hundred times easier when we completely cut out the "tech" learning curve and focus on bite-size lessons instead. You learn every strategy, secret and shortcut that I personally use every day for the past 7 years editing for myself and other creators and influencers on YouTube

This course is for the total beginner. I didn’t go to film school; I’m self-taught. Like many of us, I got into YouTube because I had a passion for fashion and beauty and editing process. In a weekend's time, you'll have every skill you'll ever need to edit beautiful, entertaining, high-quality videos. 
3 Modules, Unlimited Bite-Sized Tutorials
 Module 1: Editing Elements - 4 Lessons
  • Video Editing 101. You'll discover how to use this course to fit your EXACT learning style and editing style! 
  • Download Final Cut Pro Free for *90* Days while you learn. It's not required, but we use Final Cut Pro X in this course because it is the editing software that *most* YouTubers (& even many Hollywood movies!) use, and I personally swear by!
  • ​Your Ultimate Video Editor’s Toolkit... every single resource that I use to edit YouTube videos and grow my YouTube channel…all in one place! (This was 6 years in the making!) 
  • ​No Learning Curve Or Memorization. Each 3-5 minute video lesson teaches "superpower" video editing and compelling storytelling skills. Take it over the weekend and be editing by Monday! 
 Module 2: Editing Essentials - 11 Lessons
  • ​From Import to Upload  we unpack editing skills you can use forever…on any type of video…for your YouTube channel, business video, documenting a ski trip with friends, anything!
  • ​Learn The "Four Ingredients" that are in EVERY edit, that you can use to create any type of video.
  • ​How To Cut Down Editing Time, and tell your story with more ease and flow. 
  • ​Learn The 3-Step Color Correct process for no-fail perfectly colored videos, every single time! 
 Module 3: Editing Recipes - 15 Lessons
  • YouTube & Filmmaking Storytelling Techniques That Have A Huge Impact on how your video performs with your audience (and that help boost watch time & audience retention). These are timeless and you'll be able to use them forever.
  • ​Learn Secret Pro Editing Tricks that instantly enhance ANY video. These are simple creative tricks that you will use to effortlessly improve your videos.
  • Create Audience Connection because creating videos that resonate with people are 10x more watchable and engaging.
  • See Inside A YouTube Business and get instant access to every resource and "forever formula" that grows your viewership authentically and sustainably. 
  • Lifetime Access to All Lessons & Free Updates when new lessons are added! This is the course I wish I had when I started. 
  "beginner or not, your videos will be transformed..." 
  • Beginner Editors: Start with Lesson 1 and spend five to ten minutes a day learning, or a weekend completing the course. 
  • Experienced Editors: Pick and choose a-la-carte lessons based on what interests you or based on a particular skill you want to level up.
  • YouTubers & Influencers: Perfect if you are getting started online & you want to learn to edit quickly or elevate your videos and reach larger milestones on YouTube.
  • Self-Educators & ​Homeschoolers: Appropriate for any age group!
  • No Busy Work. Mini-video lessons, each between 3-5 minutes, teach step-by-step and the entire 30 lesson course can be completed within a few hours!
  • YouTube Focused. This is a YouTuber's course! We cover the things that REAL YouTube creators do & you'll walk away knowing how to edit any type of video for your channel!
  • Lifetime Skills. Knowing how to edit videos is a creative skill that you can carry with you your whole life. Your lifelong editing toolbox and creative techniques will set your videos apart. No film school needed.

See What Students Are Saying...

 Final Cut Pro X is the editing software this course teaches on. However, Final Cut Pro X is NOT required to take the course or learn how to edit. You may learn with or without Final Cut Pro X alongside you. 
Final Cut Pro X runs on all Apple computers like MacBook & iMac. 

Download Final Cut Pro X For Free for 90 Days Here. 
Dear Creator,
Hi, I'm Emily! For the past 7 years I've been editing videos and working with influencers and brands in the beauty/fashion/lifestyle niche on YouTube. I teach a method to video editing that is simple, creative, and will empower you to edit elevated videos with waaay less effort, which makes your job as a creator a lot easier. 

This is a weekend course that continues to grow with you through every stage of your YouTube journey. Finally, let's cut out that technical learning curve that keeps us stuck, and instead focus on creating more effortlessly entertaining videos and growing an authentic influence. You'll master the edit: the subtle influence behind the influencer. 

See you inside!
Editor Emily 
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